The 3 Month (100 Day) MCAT Study Schedule Guide: 2022 Edition


Using the 100 day MCAT Study Schedule, Nymeria went from the 30th to the 90th percentile on the MCAT. This schedule is the 2022 edition of Nymeria’s original schedule. For the 2022 version, we removed outdated materials from the MCAT study schedule guide and added new content and practice tests recommended by most of the Student Doctor Network community.

As a nonprofit organization, we are not aligned with any product or service; materials for this schedule are selected strictly based on members’ recommendations. Purchasing through the links above helps support our nonprofit mission.

Personalized MCAT Study Schedule

The Health Professional Student Association, the publisher of SDN, offers a donor-supported MCAT study schedule service at  As with all HPSA services, Studyschedule is a free donor-supported site. User information is not sold or shared with other organizations. customizes a training schedule specific to your needs based on your selected materials using a proprietary algorithm.  The 100 day MCAT schedule is available as a default selection, or you can customize it to be longer or shorter. Plus, Studyschedule adjusts on-the-fly if you skip a day or wish to adjust your training plan.

The 100 Day MCAT Study Schedule (2021 Edition)

Let’s get down to business, here’s what you need:

  1. Official Study Plan in PDF Format (2022 edition)
  2. Additional details are available on this forum thread

Required MCAT Study Materials:

  1. Berkeley Review Biology Part I and II (2022) $69
  2. Berkeley Review General Chemistry Part I and II (2020) $69
  3. Berkeley Review Organic Chemistry Part I and II (2020) $69
  4. Berkeley Review Physics Part I and II (2020) $69
  5. Berkeley Review Psychology (2020) $49
  6. Berkeley Review Critical Analysis and Reasoning (2022)  $69
  7. Kaplan MCAT Biochemistry Review 2022-2023 $33
  8. TPR MCAT Psychology and Sociology Practice $45
  9. UWorld MCAT Question Bank (90 days) $249
  10. AAMC Online-Only Official MCAT Prep Bundle  $268
  11. Blueprint MCAT Full-Length Practice Exams (x4) $149

Total cost: $1138. (To save a lot of money, consider purchasing used 2018-2020 versions of these books, they’re still good!)

Great news! SDN members get a $50 discount on their Berkeley Review MCAT study package or $5 per book. Get the discount here!

Optional MCAT Study Materials

These MCAT review books are among the best. Use these books if you have time and need an additional review on one or more of these topics. If you intend to buy all of them, purchase the set to save money. To facilitate studying, we do not recommend the purchase of Kindle editions:

  1. Kaplan MCAT Organic Chemistry Review 2022-2023 $38
  2. Kaplan MCAT Biology Review 2022-2023 $39
  3. Kaplan MCAT Physics and Math Review 2022-2023 $42
  4. Kaplan MCAT General Chemistry Review 2021-2022 $37
  5. Kaplan Behavioral Sciences Review 2021-2022 $32

Purchased individually, total cost: $189.
Purchased as a set, total cost $158.

How to Use    

The schedule requires a full-time commitment, working 8 hours a day to complete it. We recommend reading through the schedule before your start date to ensure that this schedule matches your study habits and learning style.  If you have more or less time to commit to this schedule, consider using our donor-supported service:

Each day you must complete both the reading and practice problems. We have also provided supplemental materials to reinforce difficult concepts and corresponding chapters in the Kaplan Review series when the primary text is from The Berkeley Review. The schedule rotates through a different subject every day while emphasizing daily practice problems. Concepts you learned earlier in the plan will continually be reinforced using this technique.  We will walk you through the materials that this schedule incorporates. 

Berkeley Review Series will serve as your main text to learn the content before drilling practice problems. We distribute practice problems from each chapter over the entirety of your schedule to continually reinforce topics you previously learned. 

Kaplan Review Series – the only required text is biochemistry, and the rest are optional. We provide corresponding chapters in the Kaplan Series if you need further review. 

BluePrint Psychology and Sociology – you will complete this after your content review for psychology/sociology practice. 

UWorld – this will serve as your central question bank. We highly recommend reading the explanations for each question, even if you get it right! You may start on tutor mode, but we recommend transitioning to timed practice as soon as possible. You will notice that you will have completed >2,000 UWorld questions by the end of the schedule while the UWorld bank is ~1800 questions. When you run out of new questions, create sections using questions you previously got wrong. 

Khan Academy – These free videos will be available through 2026.

Hat Trick – Get a hat and write every single MCAT topic found in the official AAMC content outlines onto a piece of paper. Then, when you’re ready to practice a topic, place all of the specific topics into the hat. Draw two or three pieces of paper and connect the topics. In addition to connecting them, come up with what a passage might look like and what kind of questions you might get. If you can’t do this, go back and review each of the three sections. Rinse and repeat.

AAMC Official Study Materials – these are the most important practice materials you will complete. You will complete all of the practice problems released by the AAMC by the end of the schedule.

Full-Length Tests – We have scheduled 7 of these throughout your schedule. Please take them as if you would a real test. Prepare a snack and lunch and complete the tests in a quiet environment.

History of the MCAT Study Schedule

The first MCAT schedule was developed in 2009 by member SN2ed.  Over the years, it has helped thousands of students maximize their MCAT scores.  When the MCAT format was changed in 2015, the SN2ed foundation needed to be modified.  Multiple students adjusted the original MCAT Study Schedule and created their own plans for the new MCAT.  Two were the most popular on the SDN Forums, the MCATJelly Study Schedule and the Nymeria Study Schedule.  SDN recommends both schedules, and many students have achieved excellent results using them.  To use the plan, we strongly recommend using the SDN service.

Discuss MCAT Study Schedules

Learn more about the schedules (or even recommend your own) at the r/MCAT and SDN MCAT discussion forums.  The Student Doctor Network Forums require human account verification before posting; no information is shared or sold to other organizations.  The SDN Forums feature millions of posts and thousands of active members.

About SDN

As a nonprofit organization, SDN is not aligned with any product or service; materials for this MCAT Study Guide are selected strictly based on members’ recommendations.  Please consider purchasing using the links above to support our nonprofit organization.

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MCAT, The Medical College Admissions Test, is a registered trademark of the American Association of Medical Colleges, which does not endorse this schedule or materials utilized in the plan.  Although specific preparation materials are utilized within the plan, HPSA and SDN do not officially endorse or recommend any specific preparation product.  All products are selected without input or support from sponsors or advertisers.

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