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The Not So Short Introduction to Getting into Medical School (PDF)

By Ryan Aycock, first published 2005, with the fourth edition updated in 2009. A fantastic resource for all premedical students (even students in other pre-health fields) at every stage of the process. Completely free, distributed under the Creative Commons Deed. (PDF File)

Patient Cards (PDF)

Quarter Page / 16 MAY 2004
Tracking card for patients in a hospital setting.

Patient Registry (PDF)

5×8 Inc / 6 SEP 2004
Tracking card for patients in a clinical setting in order to maximize HEDIS guideline compliance.

New Patient Admission (PDF)

Full Page / 15 MAR 2005
Patient hospital admission sheet, contains areas for labs and studies. Special thanks to M. Alo!

Progress Note (PDF)

Full Page / 15 MAR 2005
Hospital progress note. Special thanks to M. Alo!

Patient Tracker Sheet (PDF)

Half Page / 15 MAR 2005
Well designed full page form which can be folded down to a 1/2 page for easy pocket storage. Multiple areas for lab data and studies. Special thanks to M. Alo!
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SDN 2012 Pre-Med and Medical Student Promotional (PDF)

Students sharing and helping fellow students in an open and free community — it’s what SDN is. That’s what this promotional from 2012 captures.

SDN GATTACA Posters (Choose PDF below)

Feeling like it’s in your DNA? Well, these posters were actually designed many years ago for another SDN promotion, where they were very popular. So we’ve made them available here. Poster 1 | Poster 2

SDN 2008 “Campaign” Posters (Choose PDF below)

Although they’re so 2008… go ironically retro and show your true allegiances in typical campaign bumper-sticker style.
Choose your community: DDS | DMD | Medical | Optometry | Pharmacy | Podiatry | Psychology
SDN “Campaign” Posters / Bumper-Sticker Format (8.5 x 11 Inches B&W – Adobe PDF)

SDN “Eye Chart” Poster (PDF)

Yeah this one is pretty cool. Vintage (2004) but it still works well.

SDN Mentos Guy Poster (PDF)

Our first ever promotional poster (2001), totally out of date now, but it’s retro.
SDN ‘Mentos Guy’ Poster. (8.5 x 11 Inches B&W – Adobe PDF)

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