Quick Guide to SDN Resources

When most people think of the Student Doctor Network, they think of the SDN Forums, where pre-health and health professional students discuss all aspects of the admission and training processes to become healthcare professionals. However, you may not realize that SDN resources extend beyond the forums to help you on your healthcare education journey.

You can also access the SDN forums through the SDN Mobile app for iOS and Android.

These resources are available for free in support of SDN’s non-profit mission to make healthcare admissions accessible to all students. Please let us know how we can improve these resources.

All Professions

  • Activity Finder: Find extracurricular activities – medical/clinical jobs, volunteering, research, and shadowing.
  • ArticlesPublished every week, SDN articles cover topics ranging from application and study tips to specialty profiles, healthcare policy, and more. A wide variety of students and experts write articles for SDN. An Editorial Board of volunteer members reviews articles for relevancy and accuracy. The Editorial Board welcomes submissions for consideration.
  • Confidential Consult forums: In these forums, vetted experts, including admissions committee members, pre-health advisors, and current health professional students, answer your questions. Anonymous versions of questions are published based on the discretion of the Confidential Consult team.
  • Doctor Q & As: Interviews with doctors across multiple healthcare disciplines so you can gain an understanding of what daily life is like for different types of doctors.
  • Essay Workshop 101: A six-lesson course with supplemental articles. This course will teach you about the different parts of the essay-writing process and help you develop a robust and unique application essay.
  • Glossary of Pre-Medical and Pre-Pharmacy Terms: Common terms, acronyms, and abbreviations pre-health students should know.
  • Interview Feedback and School Reviews: You can read details about interviews and student experiences from hundreds of health professional schools reported by students after their interviews or matriculation.
  • Review2: Search for reviews on thousands of testing centers to ensure your test experience is nothing but uneventful.
  • YouTube Channel: Review our collection of videos about the admissions process and how to succeed.

MCAT Study Tools

Pre-Med and Medical Students

  • AMCAS Tracker: How long is it taking to verify AMCAS applications once submitted? This crowdsourced tracker will help you judge when you can anticipate when AMCAS will verify your application based on public data and user submissions.
  • How to Choose a Medical Specialty: You can learn about different medical specialties and take an assessment quiz to determine which specialties best match their values and personality. This tool is based on the official residency selection resource by author Anita D. Taylor.
  • LizzyM Application Assistant: You can enter your MCAT score, GPA, and race to view your medical school admission likelihood based on historic AAMC data. You can also generate a list of schools where your qualifications are competitive.
  • MDApplicants: You can view profiles of past medical school applicants to provide a guide on what to expect from your medical school application experience.
  • Medical School Application Cost Calculator: Applying to medical school is expensive! Answer some quick questions about your plans and get an estimated total of the entire cost of the application process.
  • Scutwork.com: Residents and rotating medical students can leave anonymous reviews about residency programs to help future students.

Pre-Dental and Dental Students

  • DDSApplicants: You can view profiles of past dental school applicants to provide a guide on what to expect from your dental school application experience.
  • How to Get Into Dental SchoolThis step-by-step guide will help you strengthen your application. With some hard work, you can be competitive at any dental school.

Pre-Optometry and Optometry Students

Pre-Rehab Sci and Rehab Sci Students

We hope you have found this guide to SDN resources helpful. If you would like to support SDN’s non-profit mission, please donate.

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