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Put Down That MPH Application: How to Reapply to Medical School the Right Way

strengthen your medical school application

Unsuccessful medical school applicants face a quandary. What to do next?

A popular option has been the master’s degree in public health. Students figured it was a way to spend a year doing something “health-related.” They could take off for medical school interviews, maybe write a paper or two. But the MPH is too easy a route. It is not enough. Here is what the MPH telegraphs: “I sat down for a year in easy to moderate difficulty classes and passed. I have a broad overview of public health.”

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How to Work with a Recruiter to Find a Job


In your second or third year of residency or fellowship, your smartphone will suddenly start buzzing at all hours of the work day. When you answer, a hyperactive-sounding millennial will chirp at warp speed: “HiDr[yourname]! IjustwantedtoknowyouravailabilitycauseIhaveanamazingopportunity60milesfromChattanooga….”

This has the potential to happen 20 times per day, while you are trying to study for your in-service exam, text-pologize to your partner [again] for missing his birthday party, and answer pages. It is not the most ideal way to job-hunt coherently, and worse, can distract you from your main job—being a trainee.

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